Saturday, January 2, 2010

And if that wasn't sick enough for you

Rumors about Baby Soup have been circulating around China for a while, but the shocking proof came when a reporter decided to go undercover and see it with his own eyes. “Spare Rib Soup”, as it is commonly referred to, is not on a regular menu and people have to wait until a baby is available…for cooking. The Chinese reporter, for example, had to wait two weeks until a couple who had aborted their child, sold it to the restaurant. They already had two girls and when they learned their third offspring was again a girl, they decided to terminate their pregnancy and make some money.

Now a restaurant in Canton, China, is serving Spare Rib Soup as a delicacy. The baby is boiled together with pieces of chicken and expensive herbs, that consumers swear by. A client said he is 62-years-old while his wife is just 19, and thanks to the Baby Soup, they have sex every day.


boiled baby soup

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