Wednesday, February 10, 2010

AMAZING! Confessions of former Tilton employee

"Even now, many years later it is difficult for me to write these words, to acknowledge the cesspool of darkness that was my heart."

By 1989 things had pretty much fallen apart for me in my job. The company that I worked for had gone broke. I had tried several things on my own. Nothing seemed to work out. I decided that God was closing these doors because He wanted me back in ministry full time. I went back to the ministry center, this time as a full time employee.

The pay was minimal. In fact it really wasn’t enough but my wife still had a good job and we decided that if I was doing this unto the Lord, He would provide. I spent the next 6 years working for Robert Tilton ministries.

I started again as a regular prayer minister but after a while I was promoted to be a special assistant to Bob. My job was to speak on Bob’s behalf to partners and others who called and insisted on speaking directly to him.

The way it worked was like this; If you were a personal friend of Tilton’s or if you were another big time preacher you could get through to Bob’s personal secretary and ultimately to Bob himself. If you were just a regular Joe Schmoe partner (you know, the ones who were actually funding Tilton’s lavish lifestyle with their vows of faith) well Bob didn’t have time for those people. Those calls were routed to me. Also some of the thousands of letters the ministry received every day were given to me to call back.

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