Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What America Will Be Like After the Dominionist Takeover

Good intro to the 7 Mountains mandate here. Then watch the video. And be afraid.

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  1. While the false teaching of Dominionism, otherwise called Reconstructionism, is being pumped to the modern " churches", it isn't AT ALL found in the Bible OR ANYWHERE in historic or authentic christian faith. It is COMPLETELY a FALSE and MODERN teaching, devoid of truth. It's purpose is to deceive modem " christians" into accepting a ( False) form of Theocracy, in order to set them up. It will first be introduced through what is currently called "chrislam", a false religion Hybrid of apostate " Christianity" and Islam, as the world is funneled into a singular all- inclusive religious system. This system of Theocratic mandate will utilize noahide courts and noahide laws, which are actually Jewish laws for gentiles, to declare that anyone embracing the Savior and Messiah found in the New Testament, to be guilty of blasphemy against the one god of Judaism and Islam, and then Islam will be the enforcer of this system. Can anyone say Sharia Law? All of this is to facilitate and usher in " the man of perdition" who with charm and deceit, pretending to be a man of peace, pretending to be a messiah ( IMPOSTOR, THE FALSE messiah) will set himself up for the whole world to worship as " god", and will rule with an iron fist. This is the whole facilitation purpose of the FALSE teaching of Dominionism, to bring in tyrannical Theocratic rule for the man that the Bible has repeatedly WARNED us about. Dominionism is a RUSE, having nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity, but to deceive them into thinking it's good, when in reality, it's a set up against them and all humanity. Do not blame the people on this one, because it has strictly been brought in by FALSE TEACHERS and FALSE leadership, exactly the kind that you see on so- called " christian tv". This is NOT christian, but a RUSE!