Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lastest on the Horrorcore Murders - Sister says Sam is innocent

From a local bay area rave related board:

SarahThiZZle Sep 26 2009, 02:43 PM Post #128

Ok first of all. what the ****. Get your facts straight before you wanna try and put someone on blast. For one, my parents are not hells angels, I do NOT live ina ****in crack house or in san leandro for that matter. ****in says castro valley u dumb ****. I did NOT stop raving because people were insecure and decided to come online and bash someone they didnt know but didnt have the balls to say **** to my face. I can really give a **** what any of you think for that matter, I am just setting the record straight.

Yeah your definitely one to talk down upon people you two faced **** sideshow. Nice to someones face but then as soon as you can hide in ur dark ass stanky filthy room im sure u stay inand sit in front of a screen probably beating off to the fact that a girl actually accept your friend request on myspace...thats when you decide to talk ****. Yeah. way to go. Everyone give it up for this lazy fat ****.

I like how none of you actually have your own opinion. As soon as someone said they didnt like me, what did you do...jump on the ****in bandwagon. Can any of you think for yourselves? As a matter of fact, we did not give anyone consent to put our pictures up on the internet, my phone number, my house all over the news not blurring out my address or license plate number. Its the ****in media...they dont care about consent. So before you go and try and talk like you know whats goin on and giving out facts, why dont you at least try and get some true facts to add some truth to your story ok.

I am in no way using my brother being accused to try and get "famous" I am doing pretty ****ing good being in magazines and newspaper for my production company I run, for you to accuse me of such things is bull****. My brother is innocent, I want people to know who my brother is to stop and think..."hey is this guy really capable of killing 4 people by himself without one ****ing person hearing a scream?"

No, there is WAY more to this ****ed up situation then the media is gonna let out. There is no truth behind anything you have seen or read on the news. He was setup...i cant say anything but let me tell you. After all this is done, everyone is gonna feel real ****in stupid. You have no idea how much it hurts to have the cops ransack your house, trash everything, press everywhere with you not being able to go home because of it. The whole world having my number, calling me left and right to either say they are sorry or say they are gonna ****in slice my throat. My personal life has been put up on ****in display for the whole entire world to see. I hope that one of your loved ones does this **** and lets see how you ****in feel to come online and see your name being thrown around and dragged in the mud JUST for being related....

I have really cleaned up my life and was going somewhere and now I have to start all over cause everything has been taken away. You know, a lot of you were my friends. And now you sit here talking **** just cause you wanna waste some of your miserable life on here talking **** with all the rest of the losers, clicking refresh every 10 seconds praying that one of your "friends" is agreeing with you. You guys make me sick. I dont need anyones ****ing sympathy, and I can give a **** what you think. You arent going to put a damper on my day. So go ahead, sit on your ass day and try to come up with a witty comeback or comment so the internet message board geeks will think you are cool for 2 seconds. As long as it makes you feel better.

Thank you mark for being a true friend. You need to let me know what time you work next cause I pass your work at least 4 times a day. I could really use a mark burger

earlier posts here if you need to a refresher

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