Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sister Cindy Part 2

I can't help it. I love Sister Cindy, who I called The Best Street Preacher Ever in an earlier post. She manages to be outrageous and rile people up without crossing the line into abject hatefulness like, say, a Fred Phelps. I also think she's sincere, for what that's worth.

I saw her several times in the late 70s/early 80s when she was evangelizing college campuses across the US. I saw her more than hold her own against huge crowds of heckling heathens at the University of Texas campus, and I also had the pleasure of seeing her totally decimate the effete and sanctimonious Baptists at Baylor.

One of the last times I saw her I had a video camera with me which I had on loan from Cable Access of Austin. It was huge and unwieldy and I think we got more shots of our feet and the sky than of Cindy, but I hope to have a few good highlights posted soon. In the meantime, here is Cindy with her husband Jed on the Sally show from the late 80s, where she was just a little past her prime - I would argue she lost some of her edge when she got married. But you gotta love that purple outfit! My thanks to the person who originally shared this:

If you want more, I found a collection of stories of Cindy and Jed from an "alt fan" newsgroup from the early days of the internet. Here's a small sample:

I remember Jed & Cindy quite fondly because they were always so entertaining when they came to Oberlin College. Oberlin is a very liberal place (or was a few years ago, anyway), and virtually nobody took them seriously. Instead, everyone seemed to view B.J. & S.C. as a sort of vaudeville act. We'd all chant along with him when he said "LAAAAKES...OOOF...FI-YER!!!!" B.J. always seemed pretty disappointed in us, because Oberlin was actually founded as a missionary college, way back when.... We usually found it pretty easy to throw Brother Jed off-stride, usually by having two lesbians leap on each other and start making out, right there in the front row.

My most vivid memory is that of a contingent from Harkness (a vegetarian CO-OP) who came out and writhed naked in a circle around Sister Cindy.

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