Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back in the Day - Robert Tilton Fan Club on Channel 8

Back when Snake Oil was being published as a print fanzine, I had vague intentions of producing a video compilation to go along with it. If Snake Oil was supposed to be the National Enquirer of TV Preacher Kulture, then the video was going to be its Entertainment Tonight. Nothing ever happened with that, but I do have a few tapes gathering dust, so with the advent of YouTube and my newly acquired editing skillz, here's installment numero uno.

Robert Tilton Fan Club on Channel 8 - with behind the scenes footage!

The RTFC disrupts the protest of a group of Word of Faithers outside District Court in Dallas when Bob was being sued to turn over church records as part of some civil action. While the RTFC agrees with the church's right to privacy, we wanted to take the opportunity during this public gathering to ask some questions of our own and to express our appreciation of Bob in our own way. Sister Wendy joins the protest and gets her sign torn in half and then is cursed in "tongues" by some church members. As an added bonus, the whole episode makes the 6 o' clock news that night.

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