Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nothing worse than being mugged by teenagers dressed as gansta clowns

Since reading about the Syko Sam murders (latest update here) I've been doing a little research about the Insane Clown Posse phenomenon.

I imagine that Syko and SickTanicK and the rest of the "HorrorCore" people would probably make a big deal about the differences between HorrorCore and ICP, but at this point it seems to me that they are more or less a splinter faction of ICP.

I was vaguely aware of ICP, but it looked to me like just another rock music gimmick, like an updated KISS or something. Then I heard a local cop give a talk on gangs and he mentioned ICP in the same breath as Crips, Bloods, and MS13. Even in the aftermath of Syko Sam, I think that's giving them way too much credit, but it's an understandable concern for a cop who has to deal more with disenfranchised suburban kids than inner city gangs. It's a mash-up of A Clockwork Orange and Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Here are a couple of articles on ICP I found interesting:

Misogynist Clowns Wreck Havoc in Heartland

Then I came across the following post in the Rigorous Intuition forum by a guy in Detroit who was apparently mugged by some clown gangstas. I think he puts it in good perspective, and as goes Detroit, so goes the rest of the country:

These people are remarkably dangerous, not least because they have no idea themselves what it is they represent.

Here in Detroit we've been having Clown problems since before anyone else had heard of a Juggalo.

At least the other gangs want to sell you crack or something...

The ICP phenomena has been boiling here for probably more than ten years. They just took awhile to start selling their albums elsewhere.

Some of these imbeciles seem to be involved in violence for its own sake, or perhaps to stave off boredom.

Nothing worse than being mugged by teenagers dressed as gansta clowns. The Hatchet Man is the logo of their record label, and is ubiquitous in the poorer urban [whiteish] areas here. They're so sad it makes you feel bad to even defend yourself against these retards.

Altough I've heard ICP's music [if you wanna call it that] and I don't consider it to be inherently different than the shitty torture/rape horror movie culture that seems to have massively increased in size over the last few years. Of course horror movies don't have organized gangs. Not yet, anyway.

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