Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Syko Sam - The Voices

AP story here. Good recap.

Sam's YouTube channel, including Sam's room and Sam's dad's band.

The Websleuths are all over it


  1. What a robust cornucopia of weirdness. These modern-day preacher's kids are apparently up to a lot more than just the old "droppin' reds and bustin' heads, kickin' in doors and bangin' whores" that Marjoe Gortner warned about. And to think, I would not even know about this story if it weren't for Snake Oil.

    I am thinking Snake Oil might have to start a spin-off blog devoted solely to the Juggalo community.

  2. Thank you, Brother.

    Preachers' kids...satanic crime... it seemed to loosely fit under the Kooky Kristian Kulture Big Top. Or if not, I'll shoehorn it in anyway.

    This whole Syko Sam/Juggalo business certainly took away from my usual religious studies this week, like reviewing the latest Robert Tilton fart videos, etc.

    But I really can't think of a more appropriate fate for our good christian nation than to be beset by marauding satanic wigger clowns.

  3. off-topic, but this excursion into juggalo/satanic white rap led me to Necro ... didn't know what I was missing