Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thy Spy - True Confessions of a Gospel Gumshoe

God's not the only one watching you!

Take 250 pounds of Redneck, add one bible, the internet, the latest spy technology, mix up thoroughly, and what do you get?

Mack Stevens is an out of control Christian private eye who has Jesus in his heart and an evil gleam in his eye. Come with Mack as he goes about God's business in the parking lots of seedy motels, the rooftops of sex clubs, and in the suburban bedrooms of backsliding baptists, ferreting out filth and sin at its root. Trespassing? Privacy? Those are man's law. Mack obeys only God's law, and God is telling Mack that it's time to take out the garbage.


  1. Fantastic, Mack Stevens is a natural. He is the Jim Rockford of the Bible Belt. BTW, Is there any truth to the rumor that the original working title for this production was "God's Own Dick"?

  2. I disavow any and all that is contained in this slanderous, secular humanist, pro-obama sham movie. I was told by "Brother" Randall that "GOD" (which one, Randall? WHICH ONE??) told him to bring to light my efforts to root out sordid and nastified behavior.
    No, I am not "God's own dick". I would rather be His Right Hand. But if I were His bunghole, it would be preferable to BURNING IN THE LAKE OF FIRE, WHERE THE WORM DIETH NOT.
    I have been told by my lawyers ( whom I suspect are in collusion with Randall, et al) that the paper I signed frees the thy spy makers of any libel or slander.
    I am doing what my Lord has told me to do.
    I am watching you, Randall.
    Mack Stevens, follower of the One True Christ.