Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mullethead on a Mission Meets Sister Wendy

Mullethead on a Mission for Christ meets Sister Wendy and the House of Sinners - a failed crusade to evangelize Farrar St in East Dallas

The video is fairly self-explanatory, On a Saturday morning in the fall of 1996 our friends Wendy and Grant were visiting, and as we were getting ready to go out for breakfast, probably to Barbec's, we heard a knock upon the front door. It was a mullet-coifed missionary from a nearby church who had been to our door before. In the previous encounter we had been polite, but firm, sending him on his way, but this guy didn't get the message. Also, the time before we didn't have our secret weapon, Sister Wendy!

Watching this video again after many years, I actually feel kind of sorry for the guy. But when someone knocks on your door or calls your phone, I say they are fair game.

I was fortunate to have my video camera at hand, although the lighting was really bad, and the two evangelists appear mainly as silhouettes against the bright fall morning.


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