Friday, September 4, 2009

Snake Oil is an Amazon Affiliate

While you're waiting for a new blog post, why not visit the Snake Oil Amazon store and browse the ever-expanding list of books, dvds, and cds I have picked out especially for you. If you initiate your Amazon session through the Amazon Snake Oil page, I get a small percentage of any purchases - I think it's 4%. It does not increase your purchase price, it's just something Amazon pays to bloggers and websites who promote things for sale on Amazon. I have my page set up where it ONLY lists books, dvds and cds I personally pick, not automated "suggestions."

Feel free to go ahead and shop for big ticket electronics or other things at the same time, and I believe I get a piece of that action too. Otherwise it just all goes in Amazon's pockets.

So whether it's for Snake Oil or some other website who is an Amazon affiliate, it's a painless way to support your favorite sites if you're going to buy something anyway. Just remember to always start your Amazon session via a favorite website or blog that has an Amazon link. You don't have to buy what that web page is linking, just start your Amazon session there by clicking on it.

The Amazon affiliate sees what was purchased, but not who purchased it, so it does not compromise your privacy.

How's that for passing the collection plate? I don't think I'm very smooth... gotta work on my pitch...


  1. Great selection of books and stuff! Some tasty selections, Brother Randall. May I also suggest Swaggart: The Unauthorized Biography of an American Evangelist by Ann Rowe Seaman. It's a very interesting read.

  2. Thank you, brother. I will certainly add that one.