Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank You, Sister Al

Wasn't yesterday's special Sunday post a blessing? Didn't it get your faith stirred up? It did mine. I'm ready to jump in a car and head up to Akron, if only I had a willing accomplice! (C'mon, Dallas to Akron, blasting bad white gospel music the whole way!?! We could swing through Tulsa and see Oral Roberts' famous prayer tower...)

Well, if we can't visit Akron, reading "Friday Night Blood Stripes" is the next best thing! Thank you, Sister Al Hoff, a supporter of and contributor to the old Snake Oil fanzine and the world renowned creator of the Thrift Score zine and book. These days Al pounds the keyboard at the Pittsburgh City Paper.

In the not too distant future I plan to post Sister Al's "America's Holy Land Tour," which appeared in the fourth issue of Snake Oil back in 1995 and has never been available on the internet.

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