Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nailin' It To the Church

A couple of years ago Canadian filmmaker Murray Stiller was in Dallas working on a documentary about religious satire. I think Murray shot enough footage for several documentaries as he traveled around the United States. The first project he has released is called Nailin' It to the Church, and it focuses almost exclusively on the Wittenburg Door magazine. Although my only connection with the Door is as a subscriber, I still managed to get my 50 seconds of fame in at least the festival screening edition of the dvd. Maybe I've since been edited out. But here,for your enjoyment and edification, is my bit talking about the role satire played in running Robert Tilton out of Dallas.
(I haven't figured out how to fix Blogger so it doesn't chop off the right edge of the videos...)

Namin' It and Claimin' It: Sister Donna, Brother Randall at Word of Faith in better days.

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